Not flammable

2021.10.18 09:37 aleAKAsine Not flammable

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2021.10.18 09:37 ftmystery Looking for bad stats in recent psych papers

I’m trying to find recent examples of poor statistics in psychology papers to prove a point in a class presentation (gerontology related would be great but not necessary). Whether it be p-hacking, truncated ranges, heterogenous samples, improper data cleaning (inappropriate missing data, out of range values, implausible means or standard deviations), etc.
Can anyone think of any papers that come to mind? Or any good methods to find papers with mistakes? TIA!
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2021.10.18 09:37 duderuok I have a new dream car

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2021.10.18 09:37 Dangerous_Onion4671 Formula for auto checkbox

Formula for auto checkbox once first , second check boxes checked, third automatically turn into checked box? anybody knows the formula ??
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2021.10.18 09:37 0aters IWFTR

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2021.10.18 09:37 TheFrontF1re spent a good 9hrs doing this, probably not worth it lol

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2021.10.18 09:37 countessmeemee I fired my therapist, it was a bait and switch

So, I'm just going to smash this out on my phone, excuse grammatical and formatting errors. This happened last week and I just want to get it out before I lose the details entirely.
I have been having a very hard time with life and was feeling very depressed and alone. I have no familial support and am no contact with my narcissistic parents. I don't need to explain that to anyone who has been in a similar situation. I reached out to my sister for support and she sent me a link to my employees employment assistance programme for counselling.
I reached out to the EAP and was assigned a therapist for 6 online sessions. The guy seemed okay at first, although he insisted I take anti depressants on the first session. I did not and this continued to the third session, where he insisted I contact my GP. I mentioned that my mother had recently been diagnosed with parkinsons and I never felt they helped. He told me I was being ridiculous, so I ended up lying to him and telling him I was taking them. Fair enough, the guy isn't experienced in neurology and I know about it because a neurology professor in my university was involved in this research. This isn't mentioning many of the other legitimate reasons. I actually called my gp to discuss anti depressants and told him why I wanted them (counsellor) he asked me why I wasn't on them and I listed my reasons. My GP said he thought I made a legitimate case against taking them and refused to prescribe, in a logical and intelligent conversation.
The therapy didn't seem to help and he seemed to have new rules for each session. On the second session, he said I hadn't talked about my family enough, so on the third session I made notes and explained as best I could. The following session was not to take place the next week as he had to lecture on a particular day. (Cue him bragging about his teaching for 8 minutes and him disclosing he hadn't yet got his masters but was working on it, and how he has helped many people, totally unrelated to anything.. I was honestly a bit put off, sounded like a spiel and a warning to me for not being helped) I asked him if I had any homework or anything I should think about, he told me no as he didn't want me to spiral.
The following session, he told me I needed to do the work. What work? I asked what I should do, you said nothing. Then he said it was a self led session and I was in control. I know I mentioned that I needed help, that's why I have come to you, to help me. This started him going on about his schema therapy which he had done wonderful.trainjng for in the UK and had helped many people.
"Okay, when are we starting that?" " oh, you have to do the work!"
Fine, but what work? Oh, it's self led, I have to figure out and do the work myself. Questions like this bamboozled him and he would go into his spiel about all the people he helped. From the context of his other conversations, it didn't seem like he was a therapist for very long, so I dont know who these people are or their opinions. He also started "challenging me", which seemed very much like arguing and not challenging anything I said.
He kept throwing out the cognitive distortions line when my thoughts were proven not to be and his rebuttals seemed very much like illogical thinking to me. But I persisted, thinking his schema therapy and the worl I was supposed to do would help.
When we neared the end of the sessions, he asked what I was going to do afterwards. I honestly entered this therapy with the best intentions and wanted to give him a chance. He really seemed to think he was going to be able to help me, or so he kept saying. I asked if he would continue seeing me, he said yes but I had to keep it quiet. In retrospect, it seems like he was putting all the potential help in the future outside the scope of our allocated sessions.
Our sessions did not seem one but helpful and the things I asked for specific help for (getting nervous, saying the wrong things to colleagues at work) were brushed off in what I considered to be a true example of magical thinking despite the evidence, or just plain gaslighting cos he want interested. Apparently he thought this wasn't happening, despite my asking to work on it.
When we started the new sessions outside of the EAP, he made me sign a contract for a inimim of 6 sessions and said he "worked differently". Great, this new therapy will start. Nothing happened except him talking about it in the abstract and also, noticeably, suggesting I do things that I had already clearly explained were impossible and made it clear to me that he wasn't listening to me. Eg, telling me I should ask my parents, who I haven't spoken to in years and who are extremely toxic, for a housing deposit and suggesting I "play the game" to get the money. (My parents would never give me a red cent anyway, but that's beside the point.)
Three sessions in and I ask about this schema therapy that's amazing and he is amazing at and the rest of the session was very strange. He "challenged me" and then didn't talk for 10 minutes. Didnt even look at the screen.
Then he said he was going to send me a pdf book about schema therapy and "we would talk about it over text during the week". He send me the most reductive book "reinventing your life", which seems to be aimed at people who have never even considered their childhoods or had any slight introspection. It just seemed really stupid to me. Obviously the schema make sense, but its just attachment theory and the examples provided were just stupid. A conversation with a woman who realised her mother was controlling and now, in the post script, no longer allows her husband to control her. How, well, citation needed. The evidence for this evidence based therapy, why the same author's previous book from 30 years ago. The therapy, I write these long flashcards explaining why my thoughts are wrong and produce them everytime I have this thought. Right, so I'm in a busy teaching hospital and having an interaction with a superior and I just produce a big set of flashcards.
I was very confused as to what the therapy is, so I read the book again to see if it was a as stupid as I first thought it was. narrator, it was
I also looked on some of the academic databases and read some of the positive evidence with a critical eye, finding low quality studies with high drop out rates etc
I texted a question to him saying i was confused at to what the actual therapy he was suggesting was and he said he could call me to explain the therapy. What followed was a sales pitch. Not only a sales pitch for his amazing therapy but the explanation that I would have to make a commitment to him for a minimum of a year and visit him in person for our weekly therapy session. (He lives about 3 hours away from me). He then revealed that his only other clients are 4 long term clients who do this therapy. He also said it was going g to make me feel much worse. I asked how that would help me, by making me feel worse and destabilising my life, he said I was thinking of it as a cost/risk analysis and that wasn't right. It would definitely help me in the long term because of these long term clients who he apparently has helped by making them feel worse.
So, bait and switch. He wanted me as a long term client for his garbage therapy. I still don't know what schema therapy really is except retraumatising people and assuming this will help in adult interactions.
There were many other instances but this guy was a stupid, overconfident hack who had, from my deductions, planned to have me as a long term client by recruiting me, unethically, from my EAP.
He probably believes he is helping people, like many other arrogant people. There were many other things he said that made no sense because, in retrospect, he's an idiot hack with no real plan.
So, that's my recent story. Therapy is a pure and harmful scam and I'm just so glad he didn't get me on antidepressants against my explicit consent.
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2021.10.18 09:37 Bard_17 Looking for help $10-20/h

Hi, I am releasing two websites on Nov 1st and am looking for some help with editing. I have a logo, social media content and websites that all could use a professional touch. I don't expect this job to be too labor intensive, maybe around 10 hours total a week. I am willing to give out more work if I get a consistent, quality product. DM me if you're interested or have any questions. Thanks in advance
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2021.10.18 09:37 Own-Presentation-651 I wonder how many vegans own pets that are basically just for show and are suffering vs if they were free in the wild

Dogs are like the main animal that don't want to run away when they have love from people, most others would rather be free.
Cause like I eat animals but i refuse to own any animal besides a dog cause I feel like it's fine to eat animals especially when they're bottom of the food chain unintelligent creatures meant to be prey, but we don't need to trap animals and treat them like decorations
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2021.10.18 09:37 stonefree-6 Chem Engr. Study Buddies?

First month sa UP and I am already struggling with subjects such as Chem Eng 101. I still haven't made friends and I realized we need people who support each other :/. So... if anyone from Chem Engr. is interested in adopting me and be study buddies, don't hesitate to message me :)).
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2021.10.18 09:37 Stellerguy1234 what to spend my gems on?

I have alot of gems over 200k but what to spend them on? I heard halooween had some nice offers but should i buy vending or surg or wait till hallooween? (Icant wait till valentine)
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2021.10.18 09:37 electrobuzz PEACE MAKER! - Think Of Me / GU656

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2021.10.18 09:37 Hhmoney26 Healthcare question: Obamacare

I myself am for a hybrid solution I understand that Switzerland has an interesting system. I do think if we were starting over universal would be the best but we’re not, and we have 50+states and territories that are all to an extent kind of like independent entities so creating a universal system across all of that would be difficult. In addition, despite being for obamacare I understand that it increased premiums and made it illegal not to have insurance which didn’t solve the healthcare cost problem at all. It also didn’t address the supply issue in which only x amount of doctors can be admitted every year. With that being said, Republicans had two years where they controlled the white house, senate, and house of representatives why wasn’t there a plan to repeal or repeal and replace? Even if it fails once, why not try again if obamacare was so terrible wouldn’t this be the logical thing to do?
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2021.10.18 09:37 Worldly-Dragonfly784 Minimalist or frugal

Where and how do I draw a line when it comes to minimalism? I often find myself not buying necessary things because it seems wasteful. Yes I can sit on the floor or just a bean bag but a sofa is more comfortable. I seem to make more excuses to spend less money and call it a minimalist approach . Is being frugal really a way of being minimal with some extra steps?
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2021.10.18 09:37 Luki-Star_76 A journey in time

Chapter 3
-"Who are you?"
Lloyd saw the person who asked and rolled his eyes. He was Garmadon, but he was young. Everyone finally got up and looked at the elementary alliance.
-"So you're answering my question?" Garmadon asked.
-" We...."
-"We are ..."
-"Ammmmm ........ "
Everyone was thinking about what to say. Lloyd was silent, staring at young Wu and young Garmadon.
- “What are you looking at?” Wu asked.
- "And tell us once where you are from!" Garmadon shouted.
-"Amm ... nothing..I..just .... amm .....well ... we ... (takes a deep breath)we are from the future we are ninja and we have elemental powers and we protect the Ninjago from the future and we have no idea how we got here (take a breath) ."
- "Either he told them or they killed us." Cole said.
- "Wait ..." young Wu began.
- "From the future?" Asked a black-haired lady.
-"Amm ... yes ..... "Jay said slowly.
- "And how do you want us to believe you?" A lady in blue asked.
-"Amm ... Kai ... ”said Zane.
( Kai let a flame light up in his hand and then stopped it. )
-"So you really are from the future?"
-"Yes..... "
- “Then how did you get here?” The blond-haired lady asked.
-"We don't know. We would hope if you would help us .... "
-"Well, of course we'll help you." Wu said.
-"Thank you!" said Lloyd.
-"Okay, my name is Wu and this grumpy man next to me is my brother, Garmadon. "
-"Ha, ha, ha, Wu, very funny. "
( All the ninjas laugh a little )
-"Ok, to continue, this is Ray the Master of Fire, Maya the Master of Water, Libber the Master of Lightning, Lilly the Master of the Earth .... "
-"Wu, if you list them all, we will stay here until tomorrow. ”young Garmadon complained.
(Wu rolls his eyes)
-"Okay, we will continue with the presentations later, you will stay here until we find a way to take you home. Libber will show you the rooms where you will stay. Yes, Libber? "
-"Of course, come after me. "
Libber returned to the entrance of the monastery and the ninja had followed her. She tells some funny stories, but no one listens to her. Eventually they reached the rooms.
- "Okay, choose a room and then come back to the yard."
Libber leaves. After choosing their room, they started talking.
-"Does it just seem weird to me?" Kai asked.
- "Yes, it's very strange," Cole said.
-"Hey, where's Lloyd?"
-"I think she went to his room."
-"Probable. "
Lloyd was in his room. He was thinking about how much he looked like his father and wondering if the poison in him was manifesting here. "Maybe I could change something ..." Lloyd thought. "No, I can't change the past for that the whole future would be turned upside down, in addition, I have no way to stop his venom. He has already been bitten, nothing can be done ".
-"Lloyd?" came Kai's voice. "Are you okay?"
-"Hmm ... let me think ... well we are 40 years old in the past with my uncle and my father very young and I still think how much I look like my father ... so what do you think ?! "
-"Sorry, I know I'm not the only one who sees his parents, it's just that it's weird and in addition he looks at me strangely and all this is very, very strange." Lloyd said.
-"Yes, I know ... I don't feel weird with the whole situation either. "
-" can leave me alone, please. I want to stay a little alone until we go to the yard. "
-"Sure, bro. "
(Kai leaves Lloyd's room)
In Garmadon's room
- “Brother, are you okay?” young Wu asked.
-"I don't like this situation."
-"What you mean?"
-"The boy dressed in green .."
-"Oh, you mean Lloyd?"
-"Yes, Lloyd. I find it strange. "
-"Strange in what sense?"
-"Didn't you see how he looked at us? "
-"Well, yes, but maybe he was just upset. "
-"I think it's more than that, Wu."
-"I think it's just in your head. "
-Yes,maybe you are right. "
-"Okay, let's go find out their names. "
(Everyone meets in the courtyard of the monastery)
- "Okay, so what's your name?" Maya asked.
(Kai and Nya take a step forward)
-"I'm Kai Smith, the Fire Master and she's my sister Nya ... "
- "The Master of Water completed Nya. "
(Ray and Maya roll their eyes and look at each other)
Jay stood up and said:
-"I'm Jay Wal - ..that is Gordon.Master of Lightning. "
(Libber looks better at Jay)
-"You're ... adorable! "
-"Amm..thanks ... "
Cole said:
-"I'm Cole Brookstone. Master of the Earth. "
-"And I'm Zane Julien. Master of Ice. I was built to appear to those who can't defend themselves. "
-"Built ?! exclaims the whole elementary alliance. "
-"Yes, I'm a nindroid. "
-"A..what?" Garmadon asked.
"A more sophisticated robot, not very difficult to understand." Jay said.
-"Ok ..... "
(Lloyd was leaning against a wall with his hands folded when he heard Wu)
- "And you, boy in green. What's your name? "
-"Amm ... Lloyd- (swallows dry air and takes a deep breath) Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon. "
The whole elementary alliance made big eyes and looked at Garmadon, who had a watery mouth and big eyes.
- "WHAT!?" Maya exclaimed.
- "HOW THE-?" Ray exclaimed.
-"Amm ... well .... " Lloyd stammered.
Garmadon had remained silent, he did not understand how he, who would become a dark lord, could have a son.
Lloyd was assailed with questions by the elementary alliance. Lloyd suddenly became nervous:
(Everyone stopped)
Lloyd looked embarrassed at the elementary alliance because instead of shouting, he screamed very loudly. He passed Wu and went to his room.
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2021.10.18 09:37 God_Of_Simps575 What are Fart elves?

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2021.10.18 09:37 _dekoorc Get Vaccinated

I've seen so much anti-vax stuff in this subreddit, I just had to make a post.
I am a Novavax trial participant and I urge you to just go get whatever you can, immedieately.
You are not helping society by sittng around waiting for a vaccine that may never come.
Yeah, you've read the anecdotes and you're aware of some of the trends with some bad outcomes, but just go get vaccinated already.
If you're young and male, get the J&J/Janssen shot. Just do it. Go get another six months down the line and get super immunity.
If you're young and female, go get the Pfizer shots. Just do it. Go get a booster six months down the line and get super immunity.
If you're not young, just go get whatever is available at the pharmacy closest to you! And get a booster down the line and get super immunity.
The spike proteins are not going to break off and be free circulating. Your cells are not just going to make spikes forever. Your menstrual cycle will recover from this shot (and probably won't be changed at all!).
Unlike what some people in this subreddit say, you will gain immunity -- is it better or worse than what Novavax would give you? We will never know. But I do know you are putting yourself and others at risk by not being vaccinated.
We will not get out of this if we do not do everything we can -- and for most of us, that is just wearing masks and getting vaccinated.
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2021.10.18 09:37 Cricket19Gameplay Cricket 19 Gameplay | T20 Cricket | Live streaming

Join and make my stream popular
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2021.10.18 09:37 kekePower First 12 hours of mining at

Using my 1660 Super I've mined 35441.65803247 shib. With this speed, I'll reach the 2mill payout in 4 weeks. Wee :-)
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2021.10.18 09:37 Green_Dance_6221 What am I supposed to mix/not mix at those Pick’n mix Hotpot restaurants?

I’m so out of my depth, I feel like I’m doing the equivalent of mixing egg with prawns and iceberg lettuce and coconut milk and calling it a meal.
Does anyone have any basic recipes or things to avoid or choose etc?
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2021.10.18 09:37 AlbertJackBangkok Most Thais are AGAINST reopening the country to foreigners

Most Thais are AGAINST reopening the country to foreigners
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2021.10.18 09:37 JonnieP06 Why do transition metals have 2 electron on their outer shell?

My chemistry teacher told us that transition metals have 2 electrons in their outer shell and the shell before that is not full, I’m assuming that this is the reason that manganese can have ridiculous oxidation states like +7 but all transition metals can have an oxidation state of +2 or more. I don’t want to wait until A level, so could someone explain why this happens. Also, why are the properties of the transition metals not the same as the group 2 elements
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2021.10.18 09:37 aayuk123 [Un-official PSA / Discussion] If you love hearing "The MCAT is hard and..."

I learned that I could turn off ad personalization and now the sky seems bluer.
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2021.10.18 09:37 Nobuo_Yagami Best TV feature for gaming

What TV feature is better for gaming? OLED or HDMI 2.1?
Doing some research, I realize that I probably can’t afford a TV that gives me the deeper blacks and contrast of an OLED, and an HDMI 2.1 which gives a 120fps at 4K. I have to chose one.
The LG Nanocell series have HDMI 2.1 capacity but struggle to match the picture quality of an OLED.
There are some affordable OLED’s out there, but I will only get 60fps at 4K, or 120fps at 1440p.
I was after people’s thoughts on what they think is more essential to the gaming experience? It’s probably a subjective question, but instinctively it seems like the frame rate is more important as I’m sure the Nanocell would be a beautiful picture as well. I have an XBox Series X for reference.
What are people’s preference/experience on this?
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2021.10.18 09:37 sunny1252 Healthy snacks for late-night: recipes for healthy snacks

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