...then they stamp...

2021.11.26 20:38 dafante96 ...then they stamp...

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2021.11.26 20:38 evenjigman01 Test

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2021.11.26 20:38 Unique-Engineering-6 Is this covid pneumonia and does it get better on its own?

Hi everyone , im a 27 year old male weight about 285, and workout about 3-4 times a week before this . I’m on day 10 of covid recovery. I just got finish having a consistent fever for 7 days straight that was like 102.5. Day 4-6 my lungs seemed to be getting inflamed. Today they don’t seem that bad but could this be pneumonia and does it go away on its own? My fear is that I don’t want to develop shortness of breath and be put on oxygen. When I cough I feel like there’s some phlegm stuck in my lungs. Also the past 3 days my phlegm has been mixed with blood, but today the color seems to be slowly getting lighter. I’m super nervous of a worse infection.
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2021.11.26 20:38 Curious_Pass2587 Guys will the new New generation Camavinga card upgrade the ones to watch Camavinga as well ?

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2021.11.26 20:38 StarFlyXXL Little guy getting a snack, nothing scary about it!

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2021.11.26 20:38 HiAttila Dont do this guys

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2021.11.26 20:38 normhill22 Duckling

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2021.11.26 20:38 ministerio_bot Maahantulon rajoituksia jatketaan 19.12. asti

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2021.11.26 20:38 yessir990v2 Am I

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2021.11.26 20:38 NoCrow3106 Ms in USA

What are the best universities to get a master's in data science?
Thanks in advance.
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2021.11.26 20:38 AlphaWolf69_ What is your best record of killing cheating Colts?

What is your best record of killing cheating Colts? Just killed this 'zero gamer' like 14 times. What a noob
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2021.11.26 20:38 Wind-Own Redwing Slippers

Hello, I was looking to see if anyone knew where I could purchase some slippers or house shoes. My dad asked for a pair of them for christmas. However, upon looking on the website I was unable to locate them. Does anyone know if they stopped selling them?
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2021.11.26 20:38 stereotypicalst Black Friday Sale

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2021.11.26 20:38 Shuffles90 Moltres and Zapados in a row add both 130314069523 and 095808673317

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2021.11.26 20:38 mary_mery9 how would you describe shadow's personality?

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2021.11.26 20:38 Mobile-Macaron-4396 Hmu to trade nl fucking vids

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2021.11.26 20:38 a1997j So, I'm one of you, guys.

Today I built my first PC and installed Arch Linux on it. The installation process was way easier than I was expecting (there are A LOT of good guides on the internet). I like the minimalism and rolling releases of Arch. I also like playing with the computer a lot (playing with the computer, not playing games :)). On the other hand, I want to have a working computer to get the job done (mostly programming). Now the question,
How much more time will I spend on maintaining Arch compared to other Linux distros? Will it really slow me down a lot?
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2021.11.26 20:38 ministerio_bot EU myönsi Suomelle rahoitusta metsäpalojen sammutukseen

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2021.11.26 20:38 B-dowg427 Lf a teddiursa or a heracross for a feebas eggs!

Please let me know if your interested
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2021.11.26 20:38 inmytree52 I'm just gonna lay back here.

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2021.11.26 20:38 UndeadHaunter3 Got the bird trio in a matter of 15 minutes

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2021.11.26 20:38 epSos-DE How fake Covid vaccination passes are made.

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2021.11.26 20:38 mustardgas71 Best archgun?

What is the best archgun in the game to use for a necramech?
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2021.11.26 20:38 visual_centaur LF: Raikou; FT: Dialga

Happy to trade Dialga if anyone has Raikou (my fave). TIA! Would prefer if at base levels— haven’t played with Dialga yet.
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2021.11.26 20:38 supermonkey3333 Can you duplicate mysterious shards?

Is there a known way to duplicate mysterious shards in BDSP? They can't be held by a pokemon to my knowledge so I don't know if there is a way to.
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