Do these temps look normal for a ‘15 F56 non s?

2021.11.26 21:15 lolcakes42 Do these temps look normal for a ‘15 F56 non s?

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2021.11.26 21:15 No-Literature-1251 Interesting conspiracy theory re: redaction in vaxx docs

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2021.11.26 21:15 galangiling Mr. Fabulous

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2021.11.26 21:15 ssbh Maternity clothes - need suggestion

I am currently 11 weeks. I am not sure when to buy maternity clothes (bras, panty and leggings). Are there any leggings that I can buy now in sale and use them even after pregnancy? And for bras, If I buy something now, I am not sure if that will fit later on as pregnancy progresses. Suggestions please!!
PS: My current clothes fit me fine for now. Since there is sale everywhere I am thinking if it is better to buy in offer but skeptical about sizing.
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2021.11.26 21:15 Socialist_Narwhal ive negotiated with le natives and we have decided on a semi independent state under the protection of the orange province would befit both party's.

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2021.11.26 21:15 Biscuitrok How long it took you to close the gap?

I know every situation is different but i would love to know others experiences :)
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2021.11.26 21:15 PattysPieces21 New to vinyl print and cut

Ok so I’m new to printing and cutting with my maker. I need to print a decal for a car door and purse. I just bought an hp envy 6455e. Still trying to figure out how to print from top load AND when I printed on premium vinyl it bled everywhere!!! So, do I use a printable vinyl? Sticker paper? Help please! I’m assuming for the purse I would use a printable iron on vinyl?
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2021.11.26 21:15 Cloak253 [CA-ON] [H] GMK WoB Micons [W] Cash, Paypal

I bought these a few days ago from another user here on mm. I ended up not liking the aesthetic that much and now I'm looking to sell for what I paid for. 160CAD Shipped anywhere in Canada.
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2021.11.26 21:15 Orix_Blue Uk workplace safety issue

sorry if it does not make a lot of sense English is not first language.
I work in the UK for a fast food company. In the store I work in we use a machine called a broiler that cooks all the meat patties we sell. Most of these around the country are powered by electricity however ours is one of the few left that is still gas powered and as such our extraction/ventilation fans need to be on 24/7 in case of a gas leak. For a while now (more than 2 weeks now that we have known and had an actual report from a engineer) our extraction fans have not been operating well at full capacity. It’s really bad the engineer that came out to look said “it’s like having a window cracked open”.
When we use the broiler a lot of smoke is released from the top of it and above it we have an extraction hood but as I said our extraction is not working so it just fills up the store and sets off the fire alarms.
We had a guy come out to look and fix it but he could not as he had difficulty reaching where he needed and said he would be back at a later date. I asked my Area manager to chase it up and he said he has emailed them but I feel like they are dragging their feet a bit. As the smoke kept setting off the fire alarms we were instructed by our higher management to take out the air filters in the extraction hoods and not put them back in. Which has turned an already bad situation into a worse one with an added fire risk.
On top of this we are still operating and open for business. Recently we had a new hire start who has asthma and they get affected by it quite bad to the point they use their inhaler multiple times on shift. I have told my area management and they said they will have to do a risk assessment but not a lot they can do until they get an email back from the company that services our extraction.
I feel like this is something I should report but me and the staff are worried that if we get shut down people will not be paid.
Any help would be appreciated.
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2021.11.26 21:15 Naay4k Who is snowbunny so I can whoop her ass

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2021.11.26 21:15 br4tygirl Communication

Let me get into real quick. My boyfriend is a tech and they have dispatchers who send them jobs. One of these dispatchers called my boyfriend tonight after he got home. They had a twenty minute conversation unrelated to work. I sat there watching him laugh on the phone with her. This is infuriating.. what business does he have having a casual convo like that with her. She is supposed to give him jobs thats it. Not talk his ear off for 20 mins. After he got off the phone with her he said "She can really talk a lot" I kinda snapped at him and told him that next time he should just say that he can't talk right now. He didn't say anything. This just happened within the hour. I want to bring it up but I'm not sure how. It makes me upset and makes me feel disrespected that he talks to a female coworker like this. Having a similar conversation that we would have. What should I tell him, respectfully?
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2021.11.26 21:15 lunarttrash Used oil pastels for the first time, trying to go outside my comfort zone!

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2021.11.26 21:15 Nervous-Programmer97 DOBERMOON | 30K MARKETCAP | Very Early P2E GameFI | 3weeks old !

A little idea of the adventure: The Earth is overcrowded, living space is limited, pollution has been devastated, the Humans of the time destroyed everything. We have to find an alternative. This is why Mr. Dobershi Nakatomo designed a crew in total discretion, with the aim of conquering new territories, and discovering new habitable lands. LP LOCK 24 months MC 30k! DoberMoon is a game where everyone can play and have fun. Possibility of playing in Free To Play unlike some games where you need several thousand dollars to start! A large collection of NFT's will be available so that each is a unique skin, allowing it to become more efficient! The project is under development. We have a lot of ambitions with regard to it. A little recap of our project so that everyone has a precise idea of the project: The NFT's will be classified among 5 categories (1) Municipality (2) Rare (3) Unique (4) Epic (5) Legendary If you invest in NFT's, it will get you more in-game bonus. However, it is possible to earn money without investing anything. We want to set up a community game, where each of you can post ideas for improvements, either in-game, or on our future platform. A community game therefore implies an acid community. We are, and will always be, listening to our players. TOKENOMICS: 12% Total Tax 5% Holders 5% Liquidity pool 2% Marketing Website : Twitter : Telegram : 
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2021.11.26 21:15 MomobamiClan *ere ErE eRe Ere* Did I sEe dAt sH1t RiTe?? *erE ERe* WHAT DA FA-

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2021.11.26 21:15 Legitimate_Teacher_5 Can anyone do the casino heist with me. I have never done it so some experience would be helpful.

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2021.11.26 21:15 SOnMycheSt3 Rabbit chewing furniture! Help! (Explanation in comments)

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2021.11.26 21:15 hujassman A sunset picture from a few nights ago

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2021.11.26 21:15 Snoo82970 What sleep paralysis experiences have you had?

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2021.11.26 21:15 dazedandconfused1819 My will

I'm in Michigan. I plan to have a will giving 50 50 to both of my children. Firstly I plan to put most of it in bonds for them to have when they are older. My two biggest questions are if I have any debt will that be taken from their inheritance? Also what would happen if I die and they end up in foster care? Would they still be found and given their inheritance?
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2021.11.26 21:15 ShortAlgo $APO Looks oversold Register for 7-Day Trial Access at

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2021.11.26 21:15 hypervortex21 Welcome to my bath house

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2021.11.26 21:15 Bowser_in_the_butt Let’s talk snakes: what’s the weirdest/scariest/funniest snake encounter you’ve had in Aus

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2021.11.26 21:15 doge_master24 Do they still sell dutch's outfit in madam nazar?

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2021.11.26 21:15 mangomiller Management- Just make RTO a voluntary employee opt-in.

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2021.11.26 21:15 WrongdoerTemporary52 Pov: your girlfriend wants head but her pussy smells like dead fish.

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