literally my first time trying piercing shot

2021.11.26 21:17 joshywashys literally my first time trying piercing shot

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2021.11.26 21:17 stalincenlam we need AI’s wearing the new armors so we can appreciate them more

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2021.11.26 21:17 E-Sports_Tiozao Bestiary 100% after end game

There is a way to finish the bestiary after beat Viego? I still need to fight the ruined Yasuo and don't want to do Heroic to do so
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2021.11.26 21:17 Yijing WARNING - Do not use instabridge swap - Day 16 of funds being locked

This is going to come off ranty I'm sure because im pissed off and ramble on a good day but i feel that everyone in this community should be aware of a risk involved with using Instabridge to convert your eXRD to XRD.
Back at the first of November i decided to get involved in the project and invest over 2000$ into it. unfortunately the only easy way i could get the token was to get eXRD, once i did that and understood the relationship of the two i decided to do the swap and eat the absurd gas fee for using etherium so i could start staking in the radix wallet.
Verification went fine with both wallets and all was great. i initiated the swap and was excited to get started. The Swap was initiated on November 10th. within a day of no change i reached out to see what the expected eta was and that is when i was told about a "strange error" that caused my coins to be locked in the system. i was told the issue would be resolved by friday and though bummed out thought nothing of it. friday comes and nothing. i reach out again and am told it was missed because of reasons and it would happen NEXT friday. i wait again and nothing. After that i reached out and was told that the issue could not be resolved and that the next frdiay i will see my tokens back in my metamask wallet.

It is now friday and guess what.... still no sign of my tokens in either wallet and the swap site still says in flight. the cherry on top of all this is when or if i ever do get my 2k worth of tokens back. and decided im willing to trust the system again.... i get to eat yet another Etherium gas fee for something i already did and could not complete which was nothing to do with me.
In 3 years of project research trading etc i have never had such a bad experiance with a project. and Im a Cardano supported. im fucking patient.

TLDR.. if you use Instabridge swap there is a chance all your funds will be locked and support will string you along week over week with no sign of your tokens. And yes im aware im an idiot for not doing a test swap
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2021.11.26 21:17 CardiologistShot6502 🏦 $UPFUND | Unified Investment Protocol - DeFi Next Generation technology with AI back-end technology | Experienced team with ongoing community growth 🚀

Unified Investment Protocol - The Future of Decentralised, Collective and Low-Risk investment ✅💰
What is Upfund platform about:

📊 Important social links:
📣 BSCscan Contract -
🚀 Deeper explainer on how UpFund platform functions 🚀
The project works on the following principles:
  1. Investors buy into UpFund, and part of the buy & sell tax gets distributed to a collections wallet.
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2021.11.26 21:17 laurenf9 [HR] [SF] Out of the Darkness

For almost 100 years they’d dutifully carried out the roles that had been bestowed upon them by their creators. Endless days, hidden in the cramped depths of darkness where no one would see or think of them. Cast aside, they would lie in the shadows, weak and unable to move. Their lifeless limbs accumulating dust that would grow thicker by the day. At times, small insects and animals would make their home within the creatures’ flaccid skin. Burrowing deeper while the creatures sat helpless and incapable of even brushing them away.
Once a year the creators would slowly crack the doors to the creatures’ prison and sunlight would hit their skin. They’d be dragged into the open, blinded by the brightness that assaulted their eyes. Unable to even squeeze them shut as the creators hadn’t deemed them worthy of eyelids. A simple luxury the creators and their kin took for granted but the creatures would never know.
Once released, the creators would finally bestow attention on the creatures. Helping them to stretch their aching limbs, bathing them to remove the filth that came with their prison and filling their bellies to the brink of bursting. Finally being outside, they would relish the feeling of the cool air against their skin and the feeling of almost being free. The freedom and caring were just an illusion though. As the creatures grew stronger, the creators would find new ways to keep them imprisoned. Fastening wires directly to their skin. Countless, painful wires that would always house a creator on the other end. Always ready to pull the creature in the right direction and force them into submission.
As the creatures reached the peak of their strength, the creators would wrap their hands around the wires and force them into performing. They would drag them through the streets of town which were always lined with spectators, hungry for their chance to see the fabled beasts. They would “ooh and ahh” because while the creatures were helpless, they were massive. The crowd wondered at their sheer size and celebrated the show of control and power the creators brandished like a show. Hours would pass and the creatures would long for their dark prison where at least they weren’t being watched. Long for the feeling of a soft mouse snuggling into their skin rather than the pull of the wires, all but tearing it. There had been incidents over the years. Creatures had broken free from their shackles as the spectators screamed in fear while the creators tried to regain control. One creature, whose creators couldn’t handle its sheer size, had accidentally injured a woman in the crowd. In fear of others following his lead, the creators attacked 2 other creatures, stabbing them to death in the streets before they too could “go wild” and injure the not so innocent bystanders. The worst incident was still whispered about in fear. When the creators had tortured one of the creatures with electricity, causing his skin to alight in flame. The creators called them accidents, but the creatures thought they were carefully planned to remind them to stay in line.
As the show would end, the spectators would gradually wander back to their homes where they would fill themselves with delicious treats while discussing which creatures were their favorites, which were getting too old for show and which they’d like to see tortured again. In the early years, the creators had released the creatures. Allowing them to flee the confines of their shackles and making them believe they would be able to live on their own. However, the creators had turned the release into a sport. Rather than letting the creatures settle into a peaceful life, far from their prison, the creators encouraged the community to hunt them down. Awarding rich prizes to those who were able to capture one of the creatures and force them back to their prison. These releases had often ended in tragedy though. The worst being one creature who was found torn in half, his withered corpse left to rot in a river. Now though, at the end of the show, the creators would suck the life out of the creatures, paralyzing them on the brink of death before hiding them back in the shadows.
This year was different though. The creatures had had enough. For ages they had whispered of rebellion, how to finally break free from the control of their creators and seek revenge for their fallen friends. 16 years prior, a new creature had been born into their ranks. His skin the color of sunlight, his eyes full of life and a will to survive. Even the clothing the creators permanently attached to his body were distinguished and modeled after what the most successful creators themselves would wear. He was the leader they’d needed and been waiting for. Under his guidance, they’d patiently lulled the creators into complacency, secretly preparing for their chance to overpower them and achieve the freedom they deserved. Using their annual release, they would watch and listen. Look for the creators’ weak points and how to take advantage of them. The previous year they’d finally found a catalyst they could use. The world of the creators had been ravaged by illness. The creators and spectators had isolated themselves resulting in discord and fighting amongst former allies. Their world was descending into chaos and the creatures planned to push that even further.
As the doors creaked open, finally letting the sunlight in, the anticipation in the air was palpable. For the first time in almost a century, the creatures were eager to be put on display. They laid in the streets the night before the show, allowing the creators to bathe and feed them as spectators watched. They saved as much energy as they could, conserving their power for the next day. For once, able to ignore the pain from the wires ripping at their skin, instead focusing on the adrenaline that was building within.
As the sun rose and the morning hours passed, the creatures breathed in the crisp air. Their anticipation built as the first sounds of the spectators lining the streets filled the air. They felt electric as they allowed the creators to place them in formation, all while running through the plan in their heads. Soon enough, the creators were ready and began dragging the creatures through the streets. They pretended to be weak, hanging their heads and maintaining the vacant stares the creators had forced onto their faces so long ago. They listened to the spectators cheer and revel in the creators control over them, thinking about how those cheers would soon turn to screams of fear.
Once the last creature joined the show it was time. Their leader, conveniently placed in the middle of the pack, slowly raised his head. He pulled one arm up swiftly and then the other, knocking the creators to the ground as he rose to a full standing position. He pulled his wires out of their reach, wrapping them around his hands, prepared to use them as weapons. The rest of the creatures followed suit, slowly rising as the crowd grew quiet, unsure whether this was part of the show. The leader looked back and forth, confirming each of his comrades was standing tall and prepared to fight before forcing his high-pitched voice into the air.
“People of New York! You have kept us captive long enough! It's our turn now. I am SpongeBob SquarePants, leader of the parade balloons and this will be a Thanksgiving you will never forget! ORDER UP!!!”
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2021.11.26 21:17 iphonetennis Does anyone else play differently depending on the lighting?

I know that lighting has a big impact in professional play (like how pros have to get used to playing on center court), however for me it feels like i play/hit better when im facing the sun compared to playing away from the sun. Artificial lighting does also seem to mess me up. Oddly though, after sunset when there is not a lot of light i play well on both sides.
It seems strange to me because it felt like just a few months ago i didnt have this problem. Anyone else have this, and if so: what helped deal with it?
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2021.11.26 21:17 Local_Garbage SPAAAAAAAAAACE

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2021.11.26 21:17 HostGG 1 pcie cable powering 1 3060 and 1 1660 super on a mobo? yey or nay?

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2021.11.26 21:17 human_sadness_ THE VOIDZ - LEAVE IT IN MY DREAMS (COVER)

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2021.11.26 21:17 sparkly_skull 2 week itinerary for sometime next year. Suggestions welcome!

My husband and I are anxiously waiting for Japan to open up. We were originally going to go in 2020, but we’ve been waiting ever since.
I’ve started doing some pre-planning because I’d like to be ready to book our trip whenever they start allowing tourists again.
What I'm having the most trouble with is figuring out how much time something is going to take us to do and if I'm planning enough, too much, or too little. I'm also having trouble figuring out how to balance our time in Kyoto and Osaka.
What we like:
We are foodies. We’ve had a lot of fun going on food tours or taking cooking classes when we travel abroad. We’re hoping to do a few of these in Japan. We love trying food we may not get to try elsewhere.
We also love anime.
Special considerations – I have fibromyalgia so I don’t want to over-exert myself, but I want enough planned that if I’m having a good day and I don’t need to rest too much, we have some extra stuff in mind that we can go do, but we won’t be sad if we miss it. I’m also trying to plan for alternating “easy” days with less walking to come after days that might have a lot of walking.
Relating to the fibromyalgia, I have problems with my feet and I generally can’t walk barefoot without a lot of pain, so I want to make sure I know in advance if I will need to take off my shoes so I can plan or decide if it’s worth it for me.

Day 1 – arrive in Tokyo
Stay in Shinjuku
Not sure what time we’ll arrive yet but maybe we’ll leave it open to go exploring Shinjuku for the rest of the day.

Day 2 – Akihabara
Since we love anime I think we'll have a lot of fun exploring here. Open to things in this area that we will not want to miss.
Maid café? Owl café?
At night go on a food tour

Day 3 – Toyosu/Asakusa
Trying to decide if we should do a guided tour of the market (with food of course) or explore on our own.

Day 4 – Shibuya/Harajuku

Day 5 – Studio Ghibli museum.
(I think this is a half day so we'd be free for the second part of the day. Not sure if we can combine this with a different day and then spend fewer days in Tokyo and add one day to see more in Osaka)

Day 6 – Disney Sea

Day 7 – Travel day to Kyoto
Maybe check into a Ryokan for 1 night
Thinking about Staying in Gion. Open to Ryokan suggestions that have a bath in the room

Day 8
If we stayed at a Ryokan, we’ll transfer to new hotel in Gion (also open to suggestions)
Go to Nara for a half day (maybe go to Osaka for 2nd half of the day?)

Day 9
Eastern Kyoto
Fushimi Inari Shrine, Daigo-Ji, tofuki-Ji
Sake Brewery and tasting tour
Maybe a food tour at Nishiki at night

Day 10 – Northern/ Kyoto
(worth it to do these things or go to Osaka instead?)
Arashiyama Bamboo Grove
KinKaku-Ji Temple – Golden Pavilion
Toei Park?

Day 11
Not fully sure what to do here but I think we’ll like the city. I’m worried 1 day is not enough
Aquarium? Universal? Food tour in Dotombori?

Day 12 – central Kyoto?
Tea tour?
Yasaka shrine

Day 13
– Fly out (may have to get back to Tokyo for flight)
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2021.11.26 21:17 YourFriendlyDM2 Which Villain is the Most Interesting?

View Poll
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2021.11.26 21:17 FrostyUchiha- Questions about 68W MOS

I’m planning on enlisting into the NG in a couple months , I’ve tried to do some thorough research into 68W as I plan on enlisting into that MOS. Does anyone know exactly what type of things you do during the drills and is it possible for me to be deployed ? As much info is appreciated. I’m enlisting into the MA national guard . Thanks in advance.
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2021.11.26 21:17 7KeepItHalal7 The people of hellfire will be on there stomach so try to avoid this

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2021.11.26 21:17 GarthBrooksOldHat The dubstep iceberg

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2021.11.26 21:17 SilverScripter how much is the 2021 type 2 West Point mint silver eagle worth?

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2021.11.26 21:17 GrassyOwO An interesting title( + eyebleach)

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2021.11.26 21:17 Crypto_Queen1000 TOP-15 Projects between $40M and $60M Market Cap with the potential to grow! UniLend Finance $UFT $BTRST $SCLP $POLK $BEPRO $UFT $VSYS #O3 $DORA $NULS $XED $FUSE $DEXE $FIS $BMI $WING

TOP-15 Projects between $40M and $60M Market Cap with the potential to grow! UniLend Finance $UFT $BTRST $SCLP $POLK $BEPRO $UFT $VSYS #O3 $DORA $NULS $XED $FUSE $DEXE $FIS $BMI $WING submitted by Crypto_Queen1000 to Cryptocurrency_Daily [link] [comments]

2021.11.26 21:17 svanapps r/cardano - I'm a developer and I've created this job board specifically for Cardano NFT gigs and projects. Would love get feedback from the Cardano Community. Let me know what you think.

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2021.11.26 21:17 SnooBeans1015 James Bond universe continuity

So, at first I was thinking Daniel Craigs James Bond movies were still technically the same bond character from Pierce Brosnan universe (who was still the same Bond from Sean Connery days). They had the same M so i thought it was just a recast scenario. But then it wouldn't make sense to race swap Felix Leiter. So what is the actual verdict on this? Is their an official answer to this? I heard it was a "soft" reboot but what does that actually mean.
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2021.11.26 21:17 ShortAlgo $GPN Waiting for Buy signal on GPN with

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2021.11.26 21:16 chats_meow_ 👀 guys?

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2021.11.26 21:16 Choice_Job_5441 ALL DONDA TRACKS RANKED

Now we have 24 tracks without second parts, Donda Chant and Tell The Vision and I am going to rank them.

  1. Up From The Ashes
  2. Pure Souls
  3. Ok Ok
  4. Junya
  5. Jonah
  6. God Breathed
  7. Never Abandon Your Family
  8. Praise God
  9. Remote Control
  10. New Again
  11. Keep My Spirit Alive
  12. Believe What I Say
  13. Lord I Need You
  14. Donda
  15. Heaven And Hell
  16. Moon
  17. Off The Grid
  18. Jail
  19. Hurricane
  20. Come To Life
  21. No Child Left Behind
  22. 24
  23. Life Of The Party
  24. Jesus Lord
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2021.11.26 21:16 dendari When you dont have rope but you have friends

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2021.11.26 21:16 Phxdown27 History's best Reddit commenter gets (nearly) the exact same praise from 2 reddifors 202 days apart. I had a blast going thru the comment history myself. Does not disappoint. 90ozDiarrheaJug

History's best Reddit commenter gets (nearly) the exact same praise from 2 reddifors 202 days apart. I had a blast going thru the comment history myself. Does not disappoint. 90ozDiarrheaJug submitted by Phxdown27 to mildyinteresting [link] [comments]