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Did ok today

2021.11.26 19:56 crunchy_cereal_666 Did ok today

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2021.11.26 19:56 i_have_no_thots *present day* you walk in winter's room and you see him fighting themselves

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2021.11.26 19:56 Thelazytimetraveller Wholesome moment

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2021.11.26 19:56 PoppaBigPockets- If you don't work, how will you pay your bills?

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2021.11.26 19:56 Iron_Alchemist_ Tatsumaki chapter 154 coloring

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2021.11.26 19:56 TheNextBlGThing Cora Jade

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2021.11.26 19:56 Basic_Stock **Another daily limit added💰🤝**

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2021.11.26 19:56 melonfelony didn't get the goggles with it so pulling it off on the M5

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2021.11.26 19:56 itstoboibrent Gotta bring out the graphs to calculate the want to gift ratio

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2021.11.26 19:56 RYSACLADY Heavy Topics for young kids.

I have been watching “old TV” wondering did Todd Bridges understand what was happening? He played an impoverished child in everything I have ever seen yet, he was a star, making money. Do these kids have a grasp of reality?? Seems like totally different worlds. Like did he wonder why do I always play someone “ less than” but, he is a star. That is a lot for a kid.
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2021.11.26 19:56 hashtagrollercoaster not good compared to my usual art but i wanted to draw him for his birthday and im bad at muscles rn

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2021.11.26 19:56 erinomelette Ah yes, the good old "Australian post"

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2021.11.26 19:56 Awsomegamer514 Some of the lost light cast

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2021.11.26 19:56 simpinainteasy420 Super Bowl Commercial

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2021.11.26 19:56 DixieSinclair ASHA

Asha Greyjoy was cold. So cold. It seemed that every step of the journey had been made from ice rather than snow. Her fingers, toes, the lining of her mouth and her ears were numb. She had nothing to fight against the weather, save the cloak of white fur the crows had lent her and the heavy fur-lined cloak that was wrapped around her shoulders. But both cloaks had fallen off and left her body exposed to the cold wind, her fur-lined cloak and the one she was now wearing only afforded minimal protection. The wind howled around her and she longed for a fire. For warmth. For any warmth at all.
The small bird flew alongside her, chirping cheerfully and making her feel guilty. She had been chasing him for almost three days and had given up hope of ever seeing him again. She was sure the crows had eaten him. He was the only thing she’d seen besides the wind that made her feel like she was walking from her own grave.
Yet, she had to admit, she was grateful to see him again. He was the only thing keeping her sane in this place.
She walked for hours through empty woods. Every now and then the crows would find a tree or some other shelter, but Asha was too tired to keep up the chase. She saw the white of his claws in the snow as she came closer. With her cold fingers, she could barely feel the icy crust he was embedded in. Every now and again, he would flutter, or hop away, but she had to follow him. If the crows didn’t find him in time, she would need to. She would have to do what she did when she needed to hunt, if she didn’t want to starve to death.
She could see where he had last been, in the thick of a pine tree. The tree was half-buried in the snow and completely out of place. Asha had never seen it before in her entire life. The branches were so twisted together it was a wonder they hadn’t died. Asha thought she saw a glint in the depths of the snow. She didn’t see him move, but suddenly, a figure began to appear. It was the silhouette of a man, the white of the snow blending with his pale flesh until he disappeared completely into the snow. A moment later, the crows landed around his feet.
Asha froze in fear. There was no way she was letting him out of this. She ran forward, dodging branches. She couldn’t see his face, but she could make out the white of his coat. If he was like this, why hadn’t they killed him?
She was so close to him now she could see him breathing. Asha didn’t care how impossible it was. She pulled back the branch she was holding and swung with all her might. The branch hit him and made a loud crack. The man’s form convulsed, but he wasn’t dead. He’d just been injured. A moment later, Asha saw him grab the branch she was using as a weapon. It broke off in his hands as he struggled. He swung the branch at Asha with everything he had.
Asha blocked the strike and threw him at another. She didn’t have time to be afraid. She had to fight for her life.
Asha couldn’t see the man for the snow had obscured his form. She didn’t know where he was and she didn’t have time to look. She threw herself at the nearest tree and swung at the branches she had no choice but to use as weapons. Her hands were bleeding, the bark was splitting apart in her hands. Asha didn’t care. She was in trouble, but she wasn’t going to die.
She swung and swung until she lost her arms from exhaustion. Blood was running down her arms, dripping to the snow below. She lost her grip on the tree branches and fell. The man reached her just as her back hit the snow. He didn’t try to touch her. Instead, he just leaned down and spit on her face. He spat on her! Asha couldn’t help the feeling of humiliation that swept over her. The man spat on her and laughed.
“Die, you stupid girl,” the man said. “No one can kill me. You’re not the one. I won’t let you have a chance at me.”
Asha stood up and swung her foot.
The man jumped out of the way and swung at her with his sword. Asha brought her hand down and knocked the sword out of his hands. He wasn’t expecting it. He just tried to punch her and she dodged, ducked and swung. Asha struck and struck and struck.
Asha hit him hard. She felt the impact of the impact and knew she had killed him. She stood over him and stared down at his body.
“I’m sorry,” she said. “I’m so sorry.”
She went down on her knees beside him and laid her head against his chest. Her nose and her mouth were bleeding from the branches. Asha’s hair was messy, there was blood on her neck and she had a lump on her head. Her arms were bloody from the tree. She wasn’t safe. No one would ever care for her. No one would ever protect her again. She would always be alone.
Asha’s heart broke. She started to cry. She was completely devastated.
When the tears stopped she got up, took out a knife and severed the ties that held the man to the tree. Asha wrapped the tree in his cloak, laid him on the ground and left. She didn’t want to think anymore.
She walked on, not looking back.
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2021.11.26 19:56 Pozeidon Match Thread: Luton Town vs Cardiff City

Date: Saturday, November 27th 2021
Time: 15:00
Venue: Kenilworth Road
Competition: EFL Championship Matchday 20
Cardiff City XI:
Luton Town XI:
Luton Town - Cardiff City
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2021.11.26 19:56 Picture-unrelated Kid insisted on wearing full Jedi outfit to thanksgiving dinner. I’m immunocompromised and had to skip. No one got me a good picture.

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2021.11.26 19:56 Sweg420Jesus [USA-OH][H] Complete Valve Index Set [W] Paypal/Local Cash

I have a full Valve Index Kit in great condition for sale. Kit is like new and was only lightly used, worked great for Half Life: Alyx, Pavlov, Boneworks and Zero Caliber. I just don't have the time or the room to really use it now so it's time to let it go. Looking to get $750 obo local to 44132 or I'm willing to ship for $800. Any questions feel free to let me know.
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2021.11.26 19:56 TheBattlecry A guy trying to help his GF with shampoo

Hello everyone,
What is the best shampoo and conditioner for colored hair?
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2021.11.26 19:56 Famous-Discount-8308 Bester Channel für Deutsche nudes🔥🔥🔥

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2021.11.26 19:56 RainbowUnicorns Auto billed for a free old cell signal booster I've had for years after cancelling service.

I saw a post online years ago saying you can get a free signal booster from t mobile, so I called them and they basically said sure it's free so I took it. That was years ago and now that I've cancelled my service they billed my debit card for this free item. No one anywhere told me I was going to be charged for this thing that didn't even work in the first place. Got a $300 charge for it and they automatically charged my debit card. I went to the store where I was advised what the charge was, and the manager said he couldn't do anything about it. Customer service hasn't been helpful, I've talked to 2 people and the last guy I spoke with basically said hold on and he threw me right back in the over 1 hour hold times.
TLDR - t mobile is fine when you're with them but look out for sheisty stuff like this when you leave the company.
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Get a 30% Commission share/discount from all your trades at when you sign up using the link!
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2021.11.26 19:56 EggoMyLego7 I was handed down these from grandfather and great grandfather. I know the Bible was my great grandfather but not sure about the other two?

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