Anyone else call it the Starcey and Dacey show?

2022.01.18 17:21 JenniferJackal Anyone else call it the Starcey and Dacey show?

I can never seem to say Darcey and Stacey whenever I talk about the show. It always comes out as Starcey and Dacey. Which seems like a better title anyways :p
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2022.01.18 17:21 NemoIB99 Local Polls

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2022.01.18 17:21 Topar999 Chromebook vibes :(

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2022.01.18 17:21 uhh_lele For more content @ peruvian_poto onlyfns =)

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2022.01.18 17:21 SnooEpiphanies5053 poggers

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2022.01.18 17:21 DoucheSnozzle0 Forbidden Piñata

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2022.01.18 17:21 K4NJOX Nissan GTR [1280x1600]

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2022.01.18 17:21 zuid5324 Boys in die docu van boef heb je ook geile shots van haar wie kan screenen

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2022.01.18 17:21 _MATF w

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2022.01.18 17:21 acidicgoose Aldi opens its first till-free supermarket

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2022.01.18 17:21 Harry_Flame Nice Wookies Be Like: White Krrsantan

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2022.01.18 17:21 a_filing_cabinet 2 questions: Does tech cost affect ai empires? And how the heck did my ringworld origin switch planet preference?

Messing around I wanted to play a quicker game, I decided to halve tech. Well now it's 2300 and I'm into repeatables, have built most megastructures, and am prepping to eliminate the FE. Meanwhile the remaining empires aren't even at battleships. I know players snowball more than ai, but is it really that extreme or do they not get that bonus?
Second question is a weird one. I went ringworld origin. Got brain slugs. Those traits you can't change now, yes? Well then how the heck did I get a savannah world preference? And when I created other templates I couldn't actually apply them, even from the savannah preference. I would have to settle a planet with the poor habitation before I could apply the template.
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2022.01.18 17:21 Deerrion GF22 will finish college in May & will start seeking internships in NY. She doesn’t know anyone, but will need a place to live. What is a safe place for her to reach out to women *specifically*, who either already have a place but need roommates, or are also finishing college & will need a roommate?

I would like to make it clear that this is my GF’s specific preference to find women specifically to live with because she would feel more comfortable with living with women.
My GF is currently taking online Berklee Music Business classes.
She will be looking to get an internship in the Music Industry, so I’ve been asking around on the net.
She’s not looking to move immediately, again she graduates in May, so there’s still time, but she wants to start working toward reaching out and connecting with people in advance.
If anyone knows of any community forums or facebook groups or any place to safely reach out to people that she can live with in NY, I would very much appreciate it!
Feel free to PM me also!
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2022.01.18 17:21 Famous-Error-2929 Ssd concerns

My root partition is on an nvme drive but nixos does a lot writing to disk for roll backs, should I be worried and move my nix store to my hard disk
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2022.01.18 17:21 rRIKCc 33 MEMBERS LETS GOOOOO!!!

More racing and idk maybe another game to finish it off. I’ve been wanting to get back into Cuphead lately so we’ll see where the night takes us. LETS GOOOO!!!
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2022.01.18 17:21 logan1827 Collecting element dust

Can I use an Anky instead of a doed? I have bred ankys but no doeds to collect dust from lamp posts/benches on Exctinction
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2022.01.18 17:21 todorow21 (Free) Young Nudy Type Beat - "Mutant"

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2022.01.18 17:21 Same_Association9018 Guys I’m currently writing the petition for more pssd research, but I’m not sure who to target it towards exactly. Anyone got any ideas?

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2022.01.18 17:21 Darth_Yeet_ My 1. Tank on 1. Of the lobbys I'm playing on rn

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2022.01.18 17:21 c0rnonthec0bb Brand new Acela Avelia Liberty trainset pulled into WAS Union Station yesterday.

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2022.01.18 17:21 Orangeup49 So with Ky having dragon install does that mean my boi Sin can have it as well

Like he doesn't need it but the question is can he use it
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2022.01.18 17:21 Snoozin207 My favorite lipstick of all time.

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2022.01.18 17:21 squicktones Turbinicarpus andersonoii with winter flowers.

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2022.01.18 17:21 Bonus1Fact Big Explosion Reported at Turkey's Kirkuk-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline

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2022.01.18 17:21 JafgGamer Formula ykkösten katselu alkavalla kaudella

Itse aloin viime vuonna seuraamaan Formuloita. Jouduin katsomaan MTV:n ilmaisuusintoja maanantaisin koska premiumtilausta ei tullut hankittua. Tämä ei ollut ideaalia spoilereiden välttämisen kannalta, mutta kelpasi minulle.
Nyt kuitenkin kun oikeudet siirtyy Viasatille, en ole varma mistä lähetyksiä jatkossa näkisi kohtuuhintaan.
Ilmeisesti virallinen F1TV ei toimi Suomessa juuri tuon Viasatin yksinoikeuden takia, ja 40€/kk vaikuttaa kohtuuttomalta hinnalta varsinkin kun olen ainoa ihminen talossa ketä aikoisi käyttää koko palvelua eikä itseä muut urheilulajit pahemmin kiinnosta.
En tiedä paljonko moottoriurheilun ystäviä täällä on, mutta haluaisin keskustella aiheesta ja tästä maksumuurista.
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