why does my hu tao do no dama- ah

2022.01.18 17:17 greenifiedblue why does my hu tao do no dama- ah

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2022.01.18 17:17 DustyRux Why the hell is Waluigi always amongst the answers?!

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2022.01.18 17:17 elonmuskdick My mum sent me this

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2022.01.18 17:17 Gior_thegreat He should have just ask bully Maguire how to do it

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2022.01.18 17:17 TK-1776 Lego BEAR

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2022.01.18 17:17 Obewyn Pathfinder Hacking Launches Cybersecurity Bootcamp for Next-Generation Cybersecurity Professionals

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2022.01.18 17:17 nxthompson_tny The Supreme Court’s Vexing Mixed Message on Vaccine Mandates | Two rulings reveal just how hard-conservative the core of the Court is.

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2022.01.18 17:17 Vealzy Is it a bad sign if the girl I went on a first date with changed her tinder bio?

Hello everyone, I'll try to be brief. I (27M) matched with this girl (25F) and we talked for about a week and a half and then went on a date on Sunday.
I would say it was a good date, we talked for about 6 hours and had a very nice time. She had a job interview on Monday and I message her good luck in the morning, she responded at noon saying thanks and then I sent another message in the evening asking her how it went and she responded today and asked about my day.
We usually have some time between messages so I would not take this as a bad sign. However, I checked her tinder today and she updated her bio. On our date we mostly talked about movies, books and pets and now her bio read "Talk to me about TV shows, movies and books, but do so at your own risk, because I will talk your ear off."
I've been overthinking this way too much today so I just wanted to make a post and ask the subs opinion, is this a good or a bad sign?
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2022.01.18 17:17 Throwaway25Blobfish My (25m) gf (24f) broke up with me because I don't give her presents. I want her back.

I’m distraught right now. My girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me, kind of because I wouldn’t give her presents but mostly because I wasn’t thoughtful. I need advice on how to convince her to take me back.
I didn’t understand what presents meant to her before she broke up with me. I always thought it was shallow that she wanted presents on Christmas and her birthday… like why should I be obligated to get gifts? If there’s an obligation, it doesn’t even mean anything.
Her bday was last week and I didn’t get her a present.
Yesterday morning she sat me down and explained love languages to me. She explained all of them and then said that gifts are one of her love languages. I admit I wasn’t very receptive, but I listened to her tell me about the love languages. She identified acts of service and physical touch as mine.
I pointed out that those languages convey real love whereas presents are just stuff, and I mentioned again that I shouldn’t be obligated to give presents. Presents should come from a place of real feeling.
She lost it. I’ll try to quote her rant as accurately as I can, and I think it will be pretty accurate since it’s seared into my brain. She’s never yelled at me before this:

It’s funny how you say gifts should come from a place of real feeling because you’ve never given me any at all! I’m asking you to give me gifts twice a year and you act like it’s some demanding chore! Like making me happy is a chore! So where’s that ‘real feeling’ you’re talking about? It’s never there!
Well guess what, I’m not OBLIGATED to make you dinner! I’m not OBLIGATED to go down on you! Acts of service and physical touch should come from a place of real feeling, and I don’t feel like making you dinner or blowing you! But you get pissy and hurt and we have to have talks if I don’t feel like doing those things!
I do those nice things for you because I LOVE you, and I used to love making you happy so it was fine, but I don’t fucking care about making you happy if you don’t care about making ME happy!
And you’re lying when you say you don’t understand why I want gifts since you’re not shallow and don’t like gifts! You fucking love that weighted blanket I got you, it made you so happy! Why don’t you want to make me happy like that?
And don’t give me any of that fucking BULLSHIT about being bad at choosing gifts, like it’s something out of your control! You know what I fucking like! I like good coffee and nice yarn, those are just two OBVIOUS EXAMPLES, which by the way I knit shit for you all the time and you love it so there’s another example of you loving presents!
Was the fucking weighted blanket ‘just stuff’?
You’ve never once even picked me up a snack to surprise me or picked a flower for me!
Then she went and grabbed my weighted blanket and left with it. She texted me “We’re done” about a half hour later.
I was livid at first, especially because she took the blanket, but I woke up this morning more clear-headed and I realized she hadn’t exactly been wrong. After I talked to my mom about it, I also realized it was a bit ironic for me to be mad that she took away a present that she wouldn’t have given me in the first place if she’d had my attitude about presents.
On the other hand, she’d never explained how important it was before. She’d just told me she’d like it if I got her presents on Christmas and her birthday, but she never explained how much it meant to her.
I really want her back, so I went out and got her a bunch of nice yarn and stopped at her apartment to give it to her. She just told me to go fuck myself and wouldn’t take the yarn. I’m not sure what to do next.
tl;dr Girlfriend dumped me since I wouldn't get her presents, but I don't think she's being shallow anymore after she explained it to me fully. Please help me get her back.
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2022.01.18 17:17 Eaglefire212 All this behind one wood door

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2022.01.18 17:17 Clear_Hovercraft_966 Trading 3 nfr griffins 1 nr dodo 1 fr frost fury and 1 ghost drag for rhd

I don’t offer so please nyp
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2022.01.18 17:17 animatedkevin 25 [M4M] Just looking for friends I can talk to throughout my day

25 year old black guy looking for friends. Message for snap.
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2022.01.18 17:17 Obewyn US Airlines, Telecom Carriers Feuding Over Rollout of 5G Technology

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2022.01.18 17:17 clydefrog125 Highest difficulty

So they redid the difficulty in the game. I didn’t see that an kept playing with out it being the highest difficulty. Do I miss any achievements or anything if I played some of siege of Paris campaign with out the highest difficulty set? I don’t want to have to restart the siege of Paris dlc.
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2022.01.18 17:17 bslfp20XX Local art curators that work with small businesses?

The bar I worked for in Washington had a curator who networked with local artists and set up rotating galleries in local establishments. This allowed for art with a wide range of styles and price points. And the artists all had many more spaces to sell their art to a crowd that might not usually have exposure to their work. The curator took a cut of the sales and did all the set up and take down work. I always thought it was a really cool idea and helped keep our art fresh and local. Do any of you good people have any recommendations for such characters around Eugene?
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2022.01.18 17:17 STEVEN_GT117 Casual Scout loadout

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2022.01.18 17:17 austriker27 My expectations were for better graphics than this.

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2022.01.18 17:17 Obewyn 5 Reasons Why M&A Is the Engine Driving Cybersecurity

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2022.01.18 17:17 bucket--bot SO MUCH MORE SENSE THEN WENT OFF

difference between real life is that sent through at night while dual core
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2022.01.18 17:17 Obewyn Red Hat Security Advisory 2022-0158-02 – Torchsec

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2022.01.18 17:17 diMimtrije Inace, ko ne zna, zenska noga ne sme da kroci na Svetu Goru, jedina zena koja moze tamo da obitava je Presveta Bogorodica.

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2022.01.18 17:17 Confident_Case5377 ROCD for a long time now

I had all the symptoms before and even other themes of OCD but now i don't have anything for a while now and i don't know if i really don't like my partner anymore because i always think about how good looking the others are and the way i think is weird. I feel like i don't have interest in her anymore. While before i was so in love. I don't obsess or anything anymore i don't feel bad or anything. Is it still rocd? I just think about it whenever i talk to her :/
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2022.01.18 17:17 carpet99 Will this feeling ever end?

Things ended between myself and a man I was seeing. We decided to be friends 3 weeks ago, but I thought maybe he needed space so I waited a week before I brought up the idea of us again (this was on January 4th). It didn't go well, he said maybe down the line but for now, he is too turned off by my behaviour (me wanting to spend more time with him. Though I don't even know if this was the real reason). I told him it was too difficult to be friends with him because of my feelings etc. Anyway, he ended up hanging up on me. The following day(jan 5) he sent me a message saying he didn't like how things ended, it sucks we can't be friends(on the phone he made it seem like he couldn't care less) and if ever down the line I need to be annoyed, he'd be there. I didn't respond to this final message because it wasn't an apology and felt self serving. Every single day since that message, I have flip flopped about whether I made the right decision or not in not responding. I know for many people, exes come back, but I don't think that's the case with him. I don't think he cared enough and because I closed the door by not responding, he'll never ever come back and I feel like I'm not ready for that. I know he was the wrong partner for me, but I cannot let go of "what if?". What if I give him more space and go back in a month? What if I work on myself and become a more attractive partner? What if we could've made this work? What if he wants to try again but hasn't reached out because I didn't respond? I have this idea stuck in my head that he'll come to the realization that I was the ideal partner for him. I'm not going to text him or reach out, at least not this month, but it just feels like I'll never get over this?! Me not responding to that last text goes against my usual, impulsive course of action and I'm lacking closure.
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2022.01.18 17:17 tangerinemike Teddy Howe's nightmare spell at Blackpool mercifully brought to an early end

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2022.01.18 17:17 biscuiteater123 What are your favourite details/bits of continuity from the show?

So as the title says, what are your favourite details/continuity?
A small one but I‘ve always thought it was cool that the airport security woman from ’Hecks on a Plane’ returns in the final episode when Sean is trying to board with the snow globe.
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