Road to 200 subs!

Construction Partners, Inc. (NASDAQ: ROAD) ("CPI" or the "Company"), a vertically integrated civil infrastructure company specializing in the construction and maintenance of roadways across five ... How to use road in a sentence. roadstead —often used in plural; an open way for vehicles, persons, and animals; especially : one lying outside of an urban district : highway… See the full definition Synonyms for ROAD: arterial, artery, avenue, boulevard, carriageway, drag, drive, expressway Former Time Warner Cable and BrightHouse customers, sign in to access your,, and email. road (rōd) n. 1. a. Abbr. Rd. An open, generally public way for the passage of vehicles, people, and animals. b. The surface of a road; a roadbed. 2. A course or ... The Road: Directed by John Hillcoat. With Viggo Mortensen, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Robert Duvall, Guy Pearce. In a dangerous post-apocalyptic world, an ailing father defends his son as they slowly travel to the sea.

2022.01.18 16:58 Suspicious-Coat1458 Road to 200 subs!

Let's get to 200 subs ppl and increase watch time.

  1. Like/Watch full vid
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Here's my latest vid.
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2022.01.18 16:58 SlowMtn LumaFusion on Mac

I just learned about a new-ish video editing tool on iPad called Lumafusion. Looks amazing and is affordable too. It appears to work on M1 macs now too. Has anyone tried this? If so, does it work as well on the Mac, and are there any issues or limitations?
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2022.01.18 16:58 Deanchek Hi girls, are you really THAT scared that a guy will hurt you on a date?

As in kill, rape, etc. Are you really that afraid of that happening to you? What can be done to prevent it?
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2022.01.18 16:58 TheOnyxPath Mage20 Lore of the Traditions is now live!

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2022.01.18 16:58 teamsameteam Reddit etiquette. Am I supposed to “reply” to the comment I’m talking about or to the bottom of the thread?

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2022.01.18 16:58 eagle221b Launchpad

Do I need to have 1 avax to participate in the IDOs on launchpad or I can participate with less than 1 avax?
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2022.01.18 16:58 Khaos_Gorvin Since the pandemic started I've missed both my parents a lot

I need a better rifle.
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2022.01.18 16:58 Odd_Cow_165 It do be like this

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2022.01.18 16:58 pipipo3 Low hashrate on 3060ti LHR

Hello guys: I have just bought a new 3060ti LHR but I am only getting 35 hashrate on lolminer even after the LHR tunning. (I should be getting around ~43 from what I have read) I am using a 60% power limit and +800 memory clock. Anyone has any idea why? It is hynix memory
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2022.01.18 16:58 jamisnemo Needed a stand for my WX7 and my duduk. Had an extra foam yoga block and a carving knife.

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2022.01.18 16:58 Kleecarim Its been almost three months and I still haven't started writing the A(DHD)PI I wanted to write lol

What did I expect lmao
If anyone of you wants to, please do - I still think it would be funny
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2022.01.18 16:58 bollockstoyou32 BROKEN GLASS SANCTUARY - Prophetic Infernal Sorcery [Death Metal]

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2022.01.18 16:58 bluefenceglass Can someone explain the kill switch feature please?

I have surfshark app on both my iphone and macbook but the info next to the kill switch feature is different on both.
On iPhone it says "disable internet to stay protected when VPN connection drops or is turned off"
On macbook it says "Kill Switch reconnects you and maintains the connection in case of any disruptions"
Sorry but doesn't that sound conflicting? Doesn't it sound like different opposite things on both?

The reason I ask is because I'm in a country where certain social media apps are banned. I purchased the 26-month surfshark subscription and so far I've been able to use these social media apps perfectly for a week. I'm just worried that if surfshark ever drops then my real IP will be exposed and these social media accounts will be locked immediately. If I turn on kill switch on both macbook and iphone, will that protect me from my IP address being exposed if surfshark goes down?
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2022.01.18 16:58 Salt-Cauliflower-592 22 y/o looking for real sugar daddy, that’s my first time and I’m very excited 🥰❤️

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2022.01.18 16:58 mygirlfriendsgf My bf thinks I look like Anya Taylor Joy. Yes or no?

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2022.01.18 16:58 toptoyouyoutube Tucker Carlson: Mainstream media is turning on Joe Biden | Fox News

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2022.01.18 16:58 cwarwick Do I really need it?

So I have anxiety, but have never been medicated for it. I never really considered medication until recently. But the pandemic has been very hard, and while I recently made contact with a therapist and had a few sessions (CBT) I started wondering whether I needed something more to help take some of the edge off, in addition to therapy.
So a few weeks ago, I clicked an Instagram ad for a virtual healthcare provider in Canada, where I live, that recently started offering care for anxiety depression. (The algorithm knows.) Answered a few questions about my anxiety profile and next thing I know, I'm chatting with a licensed NP about trying medication. It all felt surprisingly easy. maybe too easy. Next thing I know, she's recommending a trial of an SSRI or SNRI. Eventually landed on SNRI because I described difficulty concentrating on day-to-day tasks, which has been causing me to slip/stagnate at work. She prescribed 37.5 mg of venlafaxine 1x daily to start, and told me to follow up in a few weeks after starting the medication.
At first I was really excited to be taking this step. But now that the medication has arrived ("wow, that's a lot of pills" I thought) and reading reports of what the onboarding side effects are, and scary withdrawal/offboarding symptoms, I'm starting to have second thoughts.
I think the idea of having a fix for anxiety/ADHD/motivation difficulties is a lot easier to like than the actual course of treatment. I'm now doubting myself and whether I actually need treatment (maybe I'm just a lil' stressed every now and then, like everyone...?) and whether anyone else experiences these doubts before taking a step like starting medication? I'm worried that if I start, and the side effects are bad, then it'll be hard to get off due to withdrawal. I feel like I'm on the doorstep of a really big life decision that could have either really good benefits, or bad ones, and now that I've been presented with the "solution" in the form of medication, I'm not sure whether or not I should take the next step.
Has anyone else had this same experience before starting treatment?
TLDR: Got a prescription for venlafaxine from an online nurse practitioner, and now I'm anxious about starting treatment due to fears of side effects not being worth it for my symptom profile.
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2022.01.18 16:58 keenfeed In 1980 the FBI formed a fake company and attempted to bribe members of congress. Nearly 25% of those tested accepted the bribe, and were convicted. Let that sink in.

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2022.01.18 16:58 MrMelton215 Free Covid-19 tests

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2022.01.18 16:58 ddimer89 Black for big white cock

I am a black guy who loves sucking white cock. DM me and let me swallow your cum.
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2022.01.18 16:58 DesignerDependent711 Cute keřík na zlepšení nálady

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2022.01.18 16:58 rs16 Glenn Youngkin is 🗑

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2022.01.18 16:58 blaxort Max Block Mitigation %

Hi, i'm kinda new to the game therefore i've a question for you: Whats the max block mitigation i can achieve?
Right now i'm sitting at 67% , i tried to slot in the Defensive Posture Passive (10% more block mitigation) but it didn't increase the %.
Is 67% an hard cap?
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2022.01.18 16:58 whokilledhannible How to be friends with an overly emotional person

This is gonna be long forewarning.
Hello, really wanting some input on my current friendship that I’m struggling with. I’m 23 she’s f26 (gonna call her K) and we’ve known each other for almost two years now. We had an incredibly rough start to our relationship. Long story short: my ex cheated on me with her, after he got arrested for DV she asked me out, we dated for three weeks and I ended things because she kept talking about how much she missed him. I was with him for a year she knew him 6 weeks and he was abusive and manipulative as hell to me which she witnessed.
K and I go about 5 months without talking after I ended things with her but because I was now stuck in a lease she had helped me find a roommate which was one of her friend before I ended things with her. So even though we weren’t talking, she still regularly came over to my place to hang with her friend. They’d sit on the porch that shared a window with my room and I could hear everything. She talked so much shit behind my back about everything and I genuinely didn’t want to listen but because I sleep during the day as a night shifter, I’d usually wake up when she came over because she was extremely loud I think on purpose. I hid in my room to avoid the awkwardness. I’d even leave the shower running just so I couldn’t hear them talking outside as I didn’t want to know.
We make amends after I came to her and apologized yet again giving her the benefit of the doubt. We’ve been working on things ever since( March 21) However I feel as if things are completely one sided. She’s one of the most emotional people I’ve ever met. It’s very easy to offend her, upset her, or get on her bad side. I walk on eggshells around her constantly. I’ve reached out to close mutual friends of hers who have known her longer to try and see what I can do to better communicate with her. The longer and deeper I dig myself into this friendship I just find myself exhausted, anxious, and drained. She doesn’t communicate to me very well at all, I have to figure everything out on my own which has lead me to upset and offend her regularly.
I’ve communicated to her several times that I don’t appreciate her bringing up our past with my ex because it’s upsetting and she still brings it up to this day it’s been two years. I have never once brought up one of her past relationships because I know it would absolutely upset her but she doesn’t see that on my side which really hurts me.
We have different communication styles but I still feel like I’m putting in extra work to understand her better but she does nothing in the way of understanding me.
When we go out I’m usually the one to pay, drinks, food, weed. She seems to think that because I have a better paying job I’m able to afford way more but I have no savings and have been trying to work on that. If I ask to do something that doesn’t cost any money, like go for a walk, go to a park, go on a drive, hang out watch movies, she either falls asleep or shows me TikTok’s or we talk about super depressing stuff from her past and if I respond incorrectly when she talks about her trauma which she has told me about many many times now, I’m insensitive when all I did was sit quietly and listen to her. I’ve told her several times I have trouble talking about dark macabre things because all my brain wants to do is add comedy to it to lighten the mood and that’s just how I cope but I can’t do that with her because it will make her incredibly angry and seem like I’m blowing her off. Yet she still sends me TickTock‘s about people making fun of their own trauma to bring some lightheartedness to it so I thought it was appropriate. Never again will I make that mistake.
If and when we do come upon a disagreement or I have upset her somehow she uses her words in just the right way to really hurt me. If I were to argue back and defend myself I am being aggressive to her.
If I try to ask her why she blew up at me for no reason and get an explanation as to why I’m getting these reactions from her she blames it on her period, her trauma responses, the moon, it’s about to be Mercury retrograde.
I’m honestly at my wits end with this relationship and I’m not without fault here but I feel exhausted with the amount of work that I’ve been putting in and things are only getting worse. I don’t really know what to do or how to handle this situation I feel like I’m trying to be too nice because I should’ve ended things a long time ago but now I really dug myself in because I was ready to commit but anytime I’ve ever thought about leaving or not talking to her anymore I feel extremely guilty and anxious and I can’t do it. Her mutual friend that I am getting closer to now told me that she’s been wronged by a lot of people in her life and that the reason she acts like this is because she’s been struggling with trust issues because people always leave her.
I know all of this sounded like rambling and I’m sorry I don’t have anybody else to talk to about this because all of my friends are closer to her. I don’t know what to do any advice is appreciated and thank you for taking the time to read this terribly long passage.
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2022.01.18 16:58 --Boston-- Free Home COVID-19 Tests

Hey everyone- Here’s the link to the free government COVID-19 tests. Stay safe! USPS Test Kit Delivery
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