who has the best exclusive keyblade?

2022.01.18 16:38 Link2Sora who has the best exclusive keyblade?

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2022.01.18 16:38 anonymous-shad0w Newer Hormone Treatments for Prostate Cancer May Raise Risk of Depression

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2022.01.18 16:38 Careful_Hedgehog_98 What percent of the people in the caribbean have indigenous ancestry? Is it different in different islands? How many people are there who are fully descended from the taino?

I've heard there are still some full Taino descendents out there, even if they aren't classified as such legally and no longer share the culture of their ancestors.
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2022.01.18 16:38 bayleebugs Adult Cat Food Suggestions!!! PLEASE 😋

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2022.01.18 16:38 Ok-Protection5601 Kia Sportage FL Lease coming to an end in May looking at what my options are

I have a 2020 Kia Sportage EX with 28,000 miles my lease buy out is $17,355 in May - my first thought is I’m going to just buy out the lease I know in Florida sadly I have to go through a dealer to do this so I’ll be paying dealer fees and tax on the car - Second thought is I know there is a lot of equity in the car right for example carmax would pay $26,000 for it, however I can’t sell them a Kia lease but just using that quote for an example.
I would consider another Kia Sportage EX but I want to finance and finding cars / good deals in Orlando FL is terrible - I cannot stand the Kia dealers here my dealer was about 2 hours away, and they actually just texted me a few days ago saying they’d give me a check to turn my lease in early I have responded to see what they’d offer but I’d also have to get the car to them.
I’m also considering a Hyundai Tucson and I reached out to a dealer today to find out if I could have them buy out my lease because I’ve spoken with other dealers and they said that they could but Hyundai said even though they’re the same company they don’t know if they can buy our Kia lease.
Has anyone had experience trading a leased Kia into a dealer other then Kia?
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2022.01.18 16:38 Daejik Question about losing staked eth on the POS chain.

If someone was to have staked etheruem on an exchange like Coinbase (which swaps eth for eth2 and is not withdrawable) and your account was compromised would your staked eth be vulnerable to be moved even if the user cannot move it themselves due to the staking restrictions. I'm asking out of curiosity given the crypto.com situation.
Disclaimer: This is only a hypothetical question, not a real situation.
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2022.01.18 16:38 Tioletbaby Promo Code help

I rec'd this promo code card in a box of new Converse sneakers for Christmas from my gf and thought hey, I should repay the kindness and get her some Converse too.
Sadly when I added what appear to be items not part of the exclusions, Styles 563508F_055 & 560250C_055, the results indicate code isn't valid for items in cart. I called customer service but they couldn't tell me why, except that the items in my cart were high selling items on the site. When I pressed for more info, they told me Converse reserves the right to modify the offer at any time so too bad not valid.
Not a great experience for sure but sure would be helpful if anyone here could give me a clue. I'd still like to use the promo code if possible.
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2022.01.18 16:38 goodgirlathena What is your bad habit/vice?

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2022.01.18 16:38 fridge555 How is your week going?

Let us talk amongst our selves
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2022.01.18 16:38 jeffmartel Chaque 18-20 de chaque mois, la bourse baisse... Pourquoi?

Je suis la bourse depuis 1 an et j'ai remarqué que chaque 18-19 (ou 20 quand ça tombe la fin de semaine), la bourse baisse. C'est pas 100% du temps, mais presque. Est-ce qu'il y a une raison logique?
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2022.01.18 16:38 pwp91 Advice please - Bali/Vietnam/Thailand area

Hi! My partner and I are getting married in October this year. We are UK based and we have a couple of friends who have been unable to do their honeymoon due to covid and are offering us hotel vouchers for free/cheap. We have on offer one voucher for a hotel in Ubud, Bali and another for Hoi An, Vietnam. My question is, how easy would it be to do Bali, Vietnam and then somewhere else like Thailand. Or we were originally thinking Sri Lanka so maybe incorporating that? We would be travelling from Manchester, UK. Also, when would be the best time to go to this sort of area? TIA ☺️
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2022.01.18 16:38 juju_caesar ONLINE All Welcome , Marathon mode. + crypto prize

So gents, and ladies.
we all know the pain of online games on civ 5 / 6. annoying how ppl are lazy to use the private mode, instead keep kicking strangers.
sometimes it takes over 30min to find a game, or host one myself...
So enough bitching, im actually looking to set up a small Civ 6 Leuage , with a crypto reward pool.
but first lets try to get this thing off the ground, check the poll for the date, and let me know if you guys like to test your leadership skills.
game will be marathon mode. i hope we can reach somewhere close to industrial era before the sun sets hehe.
have a nice day !
View Poll
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2022.01.18 16:38 LaZeeBoi1998 Same Energy 🤣

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2022.01.18 16:38 ArtichokeOriginal901 What do you guys do when you're the lonely one in an odd number friend group?

They are all really great friends but I don't know what they think of me and it stresses me out. I'm in a friend group of five and the two people that I'm closer to share the same native language, so most of the time they would just talk with each other in their native language which disables me from joining their conversation, but the other two in the friend group are always so deep into their conversation so I would just have to sit there waiting for someone to talk to me lol. I try my best to talk with all of my friends as much as possible but I just can't get myself a best friend I can rely on :/ I wouldn't even dare to talk with someone else outside of our friend group because 1. My friends would probably look at me weird and 2. I don't have anyone to talk to. I really love my friends and I don't want to lose them. They're not toxic and they consider me as their friend but I just feel so far away from them. I'm gonna have to stick with them for just and few months since I'm moving away to a different school this year. Basically what I'm trying to ask is what do you guys do when you're the lonely one in an odd number friend group and how would you get someone to like you more as a friend? I always get tired trying to amuse them everyday so somedays I would be really quiet and some days I would be kinda loud but all I want is a better friendship in the friend group I'm in right now. I sometimes cry because of this and I just wanted to get things off my chest somewhere.
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2022.01.18 16:38 Baguette_Warrior Anyone knows what's up with that message?

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2022.01.18 16:38 PrestigiousAl Meagan-Good-Booty-in-yoga-pants

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2022.01.18 16:38 Cybermatic101 A space traveler in suspended animation

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2022.01.18 16:38 patrickcotnoir This Saturday, 1/22, on The George Lucas Talk Show: Tim Heidecker and Debra Wilson!

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2022.01.18 16:38 Loki_1834 Free C-01 NFT from my collection 🎁 Upvot and Join discord

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2022.01.18 16:38 Glad_Woodpecker_5908 Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics

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2022.01.18 16:38 Mrs_Sykes95 Hey, how are you doing? :)

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2022.01.18 16:38 Teranaconda [QUESTION] So I am under the impression that Zelle has hardware banned me. I wanted to see if there was a way to get around that?

So basically let me start from the beginning with some context.
I had an iPhone X before this one, that never worked with Zelle due to my phone being jailbroken. (I know there is no workaround with Zelle on jailbreak detection).
It was about the beginning of last year when I got a new iPhone X due to hardware issues of the last iP. The day I got the new iPhone X, I downloaded Zelle and logged in and it worked immediately. After it worked, I jailbroke my phone, Checkra1n, and it continued to work for the rest of the year with A-Bypass.
Around last week, it stopped working the same way it didn’t with my last iPhone.
I tried wiping my data with Apps Manager. Using iCleaner. Tried making a new container with Crane. Also tried Choicy to see if it was a new tweak that banned my iPhone.
I called Zelle support to see if it was an account issue and they assured me it was something wrong on MY end. They couldn’t clarify what it was exactly, bc they said it is something with my phone not allowing the application to “work properly.”
So obviously it has to do with my iPhone because the same thing happened with me the last time I had Zelle on my old iPhone (until I got the new one).
Sooooo my question is, is there anything apps look at to basically notice that I am still using the same jailbroken phone? Is there anything else I can do to maybe spoof my iPhone data? Or delete/change some application files through Filza?
Maybe changing my IMEI number or something? (If possible or if that’s even the case? Idk lol)
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2022.01.18 16:38 karmamom88 Relax…. 😴

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2022.01.18 16:38 Important-Curve-5299 All the employees at Noah's Bagels in Vacaville quit in viral video

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2022.01.18 16:38 Prestigious_Sky_9007 What the

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