2022.01.18 15:39 Immediate-Yak9380 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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2022.01.18 15:39 lcthatch1 HB 124 support no knock needs to be reduced.

So the people on the hill are working for us for the next 45 days. Here is a bill that needs support.
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2022.01.18 15:38 Duffmann0 Joe Wicks 3 month transformation? Natty or nah?

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2022.01.18 15:38 webmediums Napoli y Fiorentina ganan por goleada

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2022.01.18 15:38 GrandConcourse Looking to trade my 1279/770 Enigma AP for a Normal Enigma DS

Looking to trade my 1279/770 Enigma AP for a Normal Enigma DS
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2022.01.18 15:38 rayrayin2023 US weighs more military support for Ukraine to resist Russia if it invades

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2022.01.18 15:38 Bonus1Fact Psaki CANNOT Handle Being Asked About Biden's Unfulfilled Testing Promise ¦ Dinesh D'Souza Rumble

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2022.01.18 15:38 pro-redditor101 Computer won’t bootup after Windows loading screen

So this morning my computer made a loud beeping noise when I turned it on, and the monitor would go black, so I searched for a fix and ended up messing a bit with the RAM (took it out and tried taking some dust off of it), then installed it again. The beeping noise was gone, but now my computer won’t bootup. I tried the option to bootup from a previously saved copy, that was saved on the computer in the blurry Windows problem solver, that shows up at bootup when something is wrong. Anyone who know’s what the problem might be here?
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2022.01.18 15:38 ShortAlgo $PRTA Awaiting Buy signal on PRTA with https://t.co/a56bsndwqN https://t.co/L8T29Qqbl4

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2022.01.18 15:38 ashVV [PC] Souvenir AK-47 | Black Laminate (BS) signed by ZywOo

Stickers : StarLadder (Gold) , Vitality (Gold) , mousesports (Gold) , ZywOo (Gold)
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2022.01.18 15:38 spinnybingle How do Japanese men tend to think of former sex workers?

One stereotype I heard is that Japanese men tend to not mind marrying a former sex worker (e.g., porn star, prostitutes) — including an old trope of influential men marrying a geisha or oiran. I read a book chapter saying that female promiscuity (women having had multiple male partners) was not as heavily stigmatized.
Do you agree with this stereotype, and how do you compare it to, like, America? Also, Is there any regional/socio-economic variation in Japan about this?
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.18 15:38 subzeromnx Playing Geisha in Chap 1 got me running from the Teke

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2022.01.18 15:38 edmotions That awkward moment

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2022.01.18 15:38 Ballowk Deji lost some weight by drinking prime! Hope he gets the W!

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2022.01.18 15:38 MyMemesAreNotGamer Carl is even better with big mouth

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2022.01.18 15:38 demilitarizedzone96 Book of Boba Fett: Disney/Lucasfilm; missed opportunities is your name.

I can't but help to think TV-series doesn't use the most of Boba's narrative potential, or potential of characters connected to him that could serve to make an unique story. Even Tatooine's political reality is strangely underused.
If they were so intent of having Boba Fett to show character growth, then show should have started with Boba getting partial amnesia from Sarlacc toxins and then embarking on a journey of getting to know himself again, attracting a rag-tag group of opportunists around himself, either honor-bound or seeking to benefit from him.
TV-series could be this fun and brutal voyage of self-discovery starting from Tatooine and ending in quarantined ruins of Kamino, (killing Taun-Wen was so missed opportunity as she could have been memorable and tragic motherly character here, lamenting the fate of her people), connecting both the viewer and the titular character with Boba's past as the most feared bounty hunter in the Galaxy.
Let him only then decide to carve a niche out of Jabba's estates to himself, killing treacherous Bib Fortuna, ousting bickering Hutt-clans, and emerging like a phoenix from sands of Tatooine as de-facto power in that small noon in the Galaxy.
Partial amnesia could have explained his more mellow and clueless nature in the first episodes, allowing more wordly-wise characters to use his reputation and memory-loss for their own gain (Bib Fortuna, cough cough) before Boba re-connects with his true, ruthless self.
Even Tatooine could be much more interesting as a locale; this backwater planet in brink of civil war where various claimants, great and small, are scheming and engaging in conflict to take Jabba's place.
Let there be Moisture-Farmer's Alliance arming themselves and preparing to take control of the planet instead of accepting any new crime-lord to rule over them. Perhaps they have Rebellion backing as well, because of their connections?
Tusken Clans unite under single-banner of fearsome tyrant known as The Krayt.
Jawas try to claim the planet for themselves by building scrap-droid armies and using their crawlers as mobile fortresses.
Wealthy Mos Espians hire off-world mercenaries as private army in fear of slave-revolts, trying to form a working government, (and Bib Fortuna as their mayor, who hopes to become planet's sole ruler while secretly being in league with the Hutt Cartel).
All the while Hutt-Cartel with its massive resources at its beck and call remains as the looming greater scope threat, only kept in check by internal bickering of Jabba's relatives.
Also, instead of Fennec, show could have used Bossk, Dengar and various other bounty hunters as his (dubious) compatriots and brothers/sisters in arms. Perhaps Boba could have met other elderly clones from Clone Wars too while discovering his identity.
I just had to write this here as it infuriates me to think how much potential TV-series of Boba Fett has, that even rather "casual" fan such as myself can see better and clearer direction for a story than creatives at Lucasfilm.
Power vacuum left by Jabba would be interesting to witness at this point in the timeline, especially if Boba is our eyes on the field.
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2022.01.18 15:38 aidanrooney95 New subreddit "challenge game" idea!

I have an idea for a "challenge game" for the subreddit. I will do my best to explain.

You can post a clip within a few categories:
- Challenge - Failed
- Challenge - Copy
- Challenge - Clean-up
- Challenge - 1up

Anyone who wants to join just comments on the post with a video/gif response to it. And I will try explain the categories.
Failed: You want to see a cool trick done at a certain spot, but can't pull it off? Use this and someone else can try it.
Copy: You landed the clip and just want to see other people try it.
Clean-up: You did it, but it was messy and you want someone to make it look better.
1up : You want someone to do your trick/line but add something extra to it (more tricks in line, harder trick etc).

If you can think of anything to add let me know and I can add more flairs. And try and include the map name/description especially if mod map.

What do you think of this idea? Could be a fun game sort of like B.I.K.E but with a twist :)
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2022.01.18 15:38 eternalfool_2202 I hated the love triangle in The Inheritance Games

I just didn't feel any connection between Avery , Grayson or Avery & Jameson and ngl I loathed Grayson . I JUST HATED him . It may be an unpopular opinion but it's mine so I'd like to read others' opinions too. Please share it with me because I didn't like this love triangle and honestly it made me hate love triangles.
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2022.01.18 15:38 Long_on_AMD AMD's new CPUs may be safe to deploy

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2022.01.18 15:38 ShankShankShank I made my dorm room Pretty Odd themed

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2022.01.18 15:38 Pasquale_Palmieri Covid: a che punto siamo?

Oggi, 18 gennaio 2022, contiamo in Italia 434 morti con il Covid.
Il 18 gennaio del 2021, esattamente un anno fa, erano 377.
Questo vuol dire che i vaccini non funzionano? No, semmai il contrario. I vaccini funzionano benissimo e impediscono alla stragrande maggioranza dei contagiati di sviluppare sintomi significativi e finire in ospedale.
Il problema è che oggi abbiamo un numero di infettati superiore di 5 volte rispetto al 2021. E un tasso di positività triplicato. In definitiva, se non ci fossero stati i vaccini, saremmo di fronte a un disastro epocale. Avremmo forse 2000 o 3000 morti al giorno, con i malati ammassati chissà dove. Per fortuna i vaccini ci sono, ma stiamo pagando comunque un prezzo altissimo, superiore a ogni ragionevole previsione.
Abbiamo anche una situazione sociale che si è pesantemente aggravata, a causa della precarietà del lavoro, dei licenziamenti, della concentrazione oscena della ricchezza nelle mani di poche persone, e dell'aumento vertiginoso dei prezzi dei beni primari.
Nel frattempo i membri del nostro governo e i partiti organizzano i loro spettacoli acrobatici per capire chi sarà il prossimo Presidente della Repubblica, festeggiati da giornali e televisioni, che indugiano nel racconto di gustosi retroscenismi.
Un giorno forse riusciremo a recuperare un minimo di lucidità per capire davvero cosa ci è accaduto negli ultimi due anni e cosa continua ad accadere in questi giorni.
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2022.01.18 15:38 xX_Zander4_Xx [USA-PA] [H] Twilight Princess GCN (Disc only), Wind Waker GCN (Disc only), Pokémon Fire Red/Leaf Green (Cart only) [W] Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon DS, Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, offers

PM or comment with any questions, if you want photos, or discussing details. thanks
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2022.01.18 15:38 DecentAI Is the school planning to announce going remote at some point?

I’m just wondering honestly since almost about 2000 schools around the country have gone remote for at least the first two weeks
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2022.01.18 15:38 _DerTik_ The Forever Purge

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2022.01.18 15:38 TheraGaming Bovada site and launcher not working

As stated. When i go to the webite the page does nothing at all. Can’t even log in. Doesn’t load a page. The launcher loads the “poker” extension but does nothing after that. This was all after i deposited 50 dollars. Does anyone know what i can do? Please help
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